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Deja Vu
Mia Upshaw Prods.

Deja Vu

When Darla gets into an unexpected car accident that causes her to lose her memory. She becomes determined to figure out what happened and who was the cause of the accident. Thank you for watching! View our website here: Follow Mia Upshaw Prods Info: Location Filmed: Loyola University New Orleans [Deja Vu was originally filmed as an in school project with filmmakers Lauryn Alexander, Maggie Andrews, and Mia Upshaw. To watch our project that we collectively worked on click here: ] Follow and support all of the filmmakers on set: Follow and support all of the actors on set: Music: Elli Moore - Somebody To Talk To - Fiji Blue - Space Makes Me Sad -​ HOAX - Beach House - Alexi Blue - Easy Love - [Non Copyrighted Music] Jhene Aiko x Bryson Tiller | R&B | YouTube [Prod by Sejji Bonz] Title: Flight Hymn Type of music: Cinematic Mood: Sad Audio used: Alea Williams, Loyola University’s Maroon Minute, April 5 2017 High school morning announcements
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